Beyond the search is a fourteen-episode series produced by Hope Channel. It has received wide applause for the way it deals with important social issues. These issues are so important that the series received several nominations in the United Nations Global Wake Up Film Festival. To date, this series has won fifteen awards for content, cinematography and soundtracks.

Three of the important issues the series covers include conflict, guilt and death.

Conflict rages around the world with over thirty wars taking place each year. In fact the world spends $100 million every hour on weapons, ammunition and war efforts; eighty times more than it spends on humanitarian aid.

Many of us struggle with overcoming guilt in our lives. It is an emotion that continually plagues us, even years after the incident. Since guilt can make us feel so miserable, the question has to be asked, “Why does God allow us to experience guilt?” In the series we meet Emmanuel Jal, a child solider who killed hundreds while only a child. Experiencing excessive guilt overload, Emmanuel has been able to move forward overcoming this emotion.

The series also deals with the issue of death. In the episode Beyond Death we enter the homes of vampires, ghosts, and the undead to explore what happens after death. Beyond all the conflicting notions about what happens when you die, there is one absolute: your destiny is your choice.

The remaining eleven episodes explore the following topics in-depth: disaster, pain, belief, heroes, lost, rules, burnout, counterfeit, hell, warning and talk.

Did you know?

  • Cinematography from 5-time Emmy Award winner Gordon Brown
  • Soundtrack by Emmy Award winner Michael Price
  • Filmed in fourteen countries including Israel, Cambodia, Brazil, England, USA and Australia
  • Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French